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When we make, we innovate.
When we lead, we serve.

About BENCH/

BENCH/ began in 1987 as a small store selling men’s t-shirts. Then, it grew at an unparalleled rate becoming the pioneer in the use of celebrity endorsers, television, and giant billboards to propel a fashion brand that offers premium quality products at affordable prices.

From being the number one store of men’s apparel, BENCH/ has grown to include a ladies’ line, underwear, fragrances, housewares, snacks, and a wide array of other lifestyle products. Throughout the years, BENCH/ has achieved the distinction of being present virtually in every retail space in the Philippines, and has built a worldwide network of stores and outlets, reaching as far as the United States, the Middle East, and China.

As it sliced through demographic divisions -- age, gender, socio-economic status -- a stirring slogan, “BENCH/ is forever”, became the company’s abiding creed.

SUYEN Corporation

Since the 1990s, SUYEN Corporation has been aggressively expanding its portfolio with one vision in mind -- to build a network of partnerships with the most exciting brands from all around the world. Our ever-evolving portfolio is the driving force that pushes the company into the future. As it grows, the greater our power becomes to respond, to choose, and to create. We believe this ever-evolving portfolio of ours is the key to maintaining our position as the leading lifestyle retailer in the Philippines (and region?).

Our retail portfolio is not just any portfolio. It is our creative response to the fast paced and ever-changing reality of today’s global market. It reflects our sensibilities, our strengths, and our worldview. It matches the momentum of the latest trends in retail. Our portfolio encapsulates our understanding of our customers -- what they need and what they desire. But above all else, our portfolio is about our capacity for versatility and diversity; it is about a creative, entrepreneurial approach to challenges and opportunities.

The very nature of global retail has been irreversibly transformed by new technology and varying customer behaviors in the last several years, and the future, as they say, will be unrecognizable. Despite that, we, at SUYEN, firmly believe that the adaptable, multi-faceted and enterprising spirit that put up SUYEN in 1987 is the same spirit that will keep it going in the years to come… So that we will not only be shaped by the future, but we will continue to help shape the future.