Alcogel Air + Surface Disinfectant Spray 300ml

- 75% Alcohol content to fight germs and viruses
- Sanitizes, cleanses and eliminates any harmful disease-causing germs and odor-causing bacteria
- Perfect for any space (home, office, toilet, vehicle, linen)
- Prevents re-occurrence of any unwanted smell through a long lasting fragrance

How to use:
1. Always shake well before use.
2. Sanitize air by closing all doors, window, and air vents. Hold can upright, aiming away from you and spray towards the center of the room for at least 10 secs.
3. Disinfect surfaces by wiping and clearing surface of any dirt and debris. Hold can 6-8 inches away from surface and spray 2-3 seconds until covered in mist.

More Information
Color Dark grey