Payment Methods

I. Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit appears as an option for carts exceeding Php7,000 and areas not covered by Cash On Delivery.

If you choose to pay through this method, you will be required to submit a copy of the following bank deposit details to [email protected] or via the Bank Payment Confirmation page within three (3) days after placement of order. An email notification will be sent to you once the payment has been confirmed and processed. You can deposit your payment to any of the following bank accounts:

II. Cash on Delivery (COD)

If you wish to pay cash upon delivery of your orders, by ticking the Cash on Delivery option, customers agree to pay in full amount and accept all items included in the invoice.

Only carts worth Php7,000 or below are valid for Cash On Delivery. Carts that exceed Php7,000 can be paid via Bank Deposit or Credit Card.

Cash on Delivery is available in select key cities and will be delivered by our partner courier, Ninjavan Express. Our partner courier has the right to refuse to surrender the package if the payment is not given or is insufficient. Please note that the delivery will be from the merchant Suyen Corporation.


III. Credit Card

The BENCH/ Online Store accepts payment by credit card from Visa and MasterCard International cardholders. To use this payment method:

1. Select the type of card you wish to use to complete your purchase.

2. You will be redirected to a page requiring the following credit card account information:

Card Number
Card Expiry Date
Name as shown on credit card
Card Verification Number (CVV)

3. A summarized result of your transaction will be displayed, indicating whether your payment has been SUCCESSFUL or has been REJECTED.


Depending on your circumstance, you may have to pay additional exchange rate costs and fees as charged by your credit card issuer. We will not be liable for any costs associated with exchange rates or bank fees.

Again, an email notification of completed and processed payment will be sent to customer’s registered email address.

The BENCH Online Store reserves the right to request for documents and/or IDs in order to validate the identity of a card user. The said documents and/or IDs may include but may not be limited to a valid government ID and a billing statement.